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StorySaver: Tool to download Instagram Story videos and photos in HD quality


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Install the SaveInsta app on Android to download Instagram videos and photos easily and quickly. - Save and download Instagram stories for free

StorySaver is one of the unique features of SaveInsta, providing a solution to save and download Instagram story videos and photos in best quality. This is the best solution to download Instagram Stories to store on your device, so you can review the story at any time without worrying that the story on Insta (IG) will expire after 24 hours.

With SaveInsta, you can download Instagram stories to your phone, tablet or computer in just a few simple steps. This tool works directly on the web browser, does not require the installation of any software or extensions, and it is capable of working well on any device such as PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

How to download Instagram story videos with SaveInsta?

  • Open the Instagram story you want to download and copy its link.
  • Open the browser on your device and visit the website.
  • Paste the story link into the input field at the top of SaveInsta's page and press the "Download" button.
  • Wait for the server to process and display the list of photos or videos of the story then you can save it to your device.

Why SaveInsta is the best Story Downloader?

  • The tool to download stories from Instagram is easiest to use.
  • Works great on any device from PC, Mac to iPhone or Android.
  • Does not collect user data and download history, completely anonymous when used.
  • ALL FREE! No limits on features or downloads. We only place some light ads.

How to save and download Instagram Stories on iPhone?

You can use SaveInsta's StorySaver feature to download Instagram stories to your iPhone or iPad. For iOS 13+ and iPadOS 13+ versions you need to use the Safari browser; Versions from iOS or iPadOS 12 and below you need to use third-party applications (instructions for downloading Instagram stories on iPhone).

Why should you use SaveInsta to download Instagram stories?

Instagram Story is a collection of images and videos posted by users. However, they only last for 24 hours, after that time you cannot view the story in any form. That's why SaveInsta becomes an indispensable tool that helps you save stories to your device for offline viewing at any time.

All you need is a link to the story you want to download and paste it into SaveInsta. This tool will help you with the remaining steps. Download Instagram stories to your device with just one click.


What is StorySaver?

StorySaver is a tool to download Instagram stories, allowing you to save and download photos and videos from Instagram stories in best quality in a few simple steps.

Is downloading stories with SaveInsta anonymous?

Sure. We do not require you to log in, nor collect user information or download history. Therefore, using SaveInsta to download stories on IG is completely anonymous.

How to download Instagram story videos?

Just paste the story link into the input field on SaveInsta and hit the Download button. All the photos and videos of the story will they appear and you can save them to your device.

Do I have to install an additional StorySaver app?

No. StorySaver is just a feature of SaveInsta and the tool works on a web browser. Used by accessing directly through the browser on your device without the need to install software.

Why can't I download Instagram stories?

It's possible that the Instagram story you want to download is set to private. So, you need to use the tool download Instagram private so you can save the story to your device.