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Instagram Video and Photo Downloader app for Android

Install the SaveInsta app on Android to download Instagram videos and photos easily and quickly. is renamed to

We are excited to announce that our website will officially be renamed Not only did the domain name change, SaveInsta was also edited, optimized and upgraded with many new features.

Chief among the new features is the ability to save and download profile pictures, audio, and thumbnails from Instagram. With this upgrade, SaveInsta is considered the most perfect Instagram Downloader.

SaveInsta - Tool to download Instagram videos and photos online

SaveInsta is a tool developed to help Instagram users download their favorite photos and videos to their devices in a few simple steps. Instagram does not support downloads on their app. So, this tool is the best and only solution to help you download Instagram content easily.

Instagram Downloader is an online tool that works on a web browser. Allows you to download any content from Instagram including Videos, Photos, Reels, Audio, Stories, Highlights, Avatars and Video Thumbnails. Just go to the website, paste the Instagram link in the input field (search) and press the Download button.

Instagram Downloader

Best Instagram Downloader -

In particular, this tool supports and works well on all platforms and devices from PC, Mac, tablet to phone (iPhone or Android). Supports save and download IG videos and photos on web browsers, no software installed. This means, you can use SaveInsta to save content from Instagram anytime, anywhere without any hassle.

Main Features of SaveInsta

  • Supports download Videos, Photos, Stories, Reels, Highlights, Audio and Instagram profile pictures
  • Save and download Instagram videos in high quality: Full HD, 1080p, 2k, 4k.
  • Allow appropriate image quality and size options before downloading.
  • Works great on any platform and device from PC, Mac, tablet to iPhone or Android.
  • can be used via a web browser or app for Android.
  • All are free. We only put some light ads to operate and upgrade the software.

How to download Instagram videos and photos with SaveInsta?

Our Instagram downloader has a very easy-to-use interface, allowing you to easily download Instagram content to your phone or computer with just one click. By default, we prioritize downloading the best quality photos and videos. In addition, you can also choose the quality and size to suit your needs.

  • Open the Instagram app or website on your device.
  • On Instagram, find and open the post with the photo or video you want to download.
  • Click the three-dot icon (●●●) in the top right corner and select "Copy link".
  • Go to the website, paste the copied link into the search box and press the "Download" button.
  • Wait for our servers to process, then save the photo or video to your device and enjoy.

How to copy the Instagram link to download?

To save and download Insta (IG) photos or videos to your device, you first need to copy the link to the Instagram content you want to download. Please follow the instructions below:

On PC/Mac: Open the photo or video you want to download, then copy the link in your browser's address bar.


On iOS/Android: Open the Instagram post, tap the share icon () or three dots (●●●) and select "Copy link".


With, you can easily download any content on Instagram including video thumbnails with just one click. All processing is done on our machine side. What are you waiting for? Come experience this great tool!

SaveInsta Downloader was invented to help you easily download Instagram content posted by yourself. We reserve the right not to provide services if you use this tool to violate the copyrights and information of others.

Read our terms of service 👉here👈


What is SaveInsta?

SaveInsta is a great website that allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram to your phone or computer online in a few simple steps.

How to use to download Instagram videos and photos online?

  • Step 1: Open and copy the Instagram photo or video link you want to download.
  • Step 2: Paste the copied link into the input box on SaveInsta and press the "Download" button.

Does support iOS devices (iPhone or iPad)?

Of course. is a browser-based tool. So it supports every platform and device both iPhone or iPad (How to use SaveInsta on iPhone, iPad?).

Can I download IG videos and photos to Android?

Same as on PC. Just go to the website → Paste the copied link into the input box at the top of the page → Press the "Download" button. Done!

Do I need to install software when using SaveInsta?

No. We want to keep things as simple as possible for users. So, SaveInsta does not require you to install any software or extensions.

Is it safe to download Instagram content with SaveInsta?

Very safe and secure. We do not collect user data and do not track download history. So, using to save and download Instagram photos and videos is completely anonymous.

Does charge a fee to download content from Instagram?

Oh no. All SaveInsta services are free. You can use this tool to download any content on Insta (IG) without limits on features and number of downloads.

I can't find photos or videos after downloading?

Depends on the settings on your device. By default downloaded videos and photos are saved in the "Downloads" folder on your device or you can also check the "Download history" section of your browser.